What a Wonderful World – meet the cast

 Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves…


The Land of OZ



Meet the cast:

Collin as the Doctor and Ryvon as Marty

Natasha as Dorothy and Peter Pan

Melissa as Wendy and the Wicked Witch

Keanna as Dee Dee, a Munchkin and a Lost Boy

Henry as Smee, a horn player and the Munchkin Mayor

CJ Holmes as The Chewbacca, Anubis, a Pirate, a Munchkin and Ali Baba’s son.

Roddy as The Camel/Sheik and Hook

Ian as C3P0, a Lost Boy and the Scarecrow

Barry as Ray Palmer, Han Solo, Ali Baba and Cyberman/ Tin Man and a pirate

Dakota as Leia, John  and a Munchkin

Kristie as Luke, Pirate, Crocodile, and a Munchkin

Kaitlyn as the Dalek and a Munchkin

Lynn as a Munchkin and Ali Bab’s Wife

Tyrina as The Slave Girl dancer, Tinker Bell and the Lion

Michel as a puppeteer, Toodles the Lost Boy and a Munchkin

Scotty as a musician horn player, Lost Boy and Munchkin

Angela as Jabba the Hutt, Pirate, Girlfriend to Ali Baba’s son, and a Munchkin

Amber as, Sara Lance, Michael and Glinda the Good

Leslee as a Lost Boy and a Munchkin (she is one of our volunteers and Ian’s sister)

Of course we can’t forget our behind the scenes crew. Cj who has helped with all the sound recording and editing. Mike Lackie and Les Ingram who are constantly helping with the sets. Dave Lasalle who does all the projection work. Then there is Lynn who will be working the curtains at the Civic Centre and Kaitlyn who will do all the Tinker Bell special effects. Travis, Leslee and I who will be doing the props and shrink ray work. And finally Cathy Petrosky and Cora Richer my dressers and costume ladies who are also helped by  Sara and Donna Poutney who do sound and dressing and Tammy Atherton who does puppet work and special lighting. Each are family members or respite workers of members who are volunteering their time to our cause: that of working with these talented group of special needs people. Thank you everyone!!! We live in a Wonderful World.

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What a Wonderful World Part Two

Here we Go to Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves…

The Doctor and Marty dress up again. Marty becomes a Genie and the Doctor is back to his Red Fez hat. Roddy’s Camel / Sheik is the Captain of the 40 Thieves. “Open Sesame”

Of course as the Doctor, “Gandolf and Marty “Genie Frodo” watch how the Captain of the Thieves opens the Cave…

They all sneak into the cave of treasure to get some too.

Marty shrinks some treasure so they can take it home. Alas ,there is no galaxy stone in the cave, instead, Ali’s wife has a family heirloom which is the stone they are looking for.

Next they time travelers go to the Wizard of Oz. Remember, they can’t change the original stories too much…but the Tardis, yah you guessed it, lands on the Wicked Witch of the East.

Dorothy still has to put on those Ruby Red Slippers, Marty sure won’t!!!

Glinda and the Munchkins welcome Dorothy. Glinda doesn’t know why the Doctor and Marty are there, but knows the Wicked Witch of the West is on her way. The group is welcomed by the Munchkins with the song and dance, “It’s small world after all”.

Dorothy is sent on her way on the Yellow brick road to meet her friends, while the Doctor and Marty take the short cut to the Emerald City via the Tardis.

When who should they find, but the Tin Man is now a Cyberman! He needs to get shrunken down!

The Witch’s whole castle is taken over by Cybermen. The Doctor and Marty come to the rescue of course! Where is the Gem stone? Around the Witch’s neck! Dorothy must take a spray bottle of water and get rid of the witch.

All is as it should be and all that there is left to do is return Marty to find Doctor Emmet Brown in 1885.

At the end everyone has left the stage to return through the audience back up onto the stage for a bow, as Louis Armstrong sings, “It’s a Wonderful World.” 

The End


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What a Wonderful World 2019 Show

Elliot Lake’s Roundabout Exceptional Puppeteers present,    It’s a Wonderful World!

May 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 2019 at the Civic Centre in Elliot Lake!

This year’s show is all about Doctor Who no. 11 meeting up with Marty McFly (Back to the Future), as they go through time to find 5 missing Galaxy stones that are the worlds of our Imagination. In order to do that they need a Shrink Ray from Ray Palmer (Legends of Tomorrow) and then they go from 1885, to Star Wars, King Tut’s Tomb, Peter Pan, Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves and the Wizard of Oz.                          We had a very small budget this year so we had to reuse many costumes and I made the rest. In total, the 19 cast members have 3 or more costumes adding up to 54 costumes in total.

The scene begins when the curtain opens to the Delorean seen in back light and smoke almost crashing into the Tardis.

We had a lot of problems with the role of Marty McFly. We went through three members, including myself as seen above. Finally just before Christmas Ryvon Blair came out try the part. Thank God!! I’m getting to old for this….Ryvon comes to us from Lourdes school. He is extremely talented, only 14 years old  and is autistic, with the most expressive acting talent I’ve ever seen. He just did it all after I showed him what I wanted only once.

Collin played Dr. Who 10 two years ago and was awesome. This time he plays Dr. Who 11.

Here is the opening group, the Doctor and Marty, (Legends of Tomorrow) Ray Palmer, Sara Lance and Rip Hunter and Roddy in his Camel / Sheik get up, who is in every scene in the show. Marty learns to use the Shrink Ray in order to shrink his Delorean so it will fit through the doors of the Tardis.

Everywhere, Marty and the Doctor go they get to dress up in appropriate costumes for that period peice. In Star Wars, The Doctor dresses as Luke (his sonic screw driver instead of a light saber) and Marty is Han Solo. The joke being, his Shrink Ray is actually Han’s Blaster. They arrive in the story to meet R2D2 and C3P0 and act out the events that take place in episode 6, when Solo is encased in  carbonite and Jabba the Hutt has Leia. The band is Dee Dee and the Twilight Blossoms (I had to make a Dee Dee costume for one of my members so this is her band) The group playing the Conga includes, Camel / Sheik, two horns various creatures, our first puppet and Bib Fortuna as a puppet, Jabba is a blow up costume and our beautiful Leia played by Dakota. The slave girl is Tyrina our girl in green.

Michel holds a puppets in the band. Notice ET also makes an appearance. I made him a few years ago and we couldn’t use him. But I was determined that he get his turn in the lime light.

Here they are about to shrink Han in Carbonite and Chewie so they can save them. Of course Jabba gets shrunk too, because he is wearing the Galaxy gem around his neck. Then a Dalek arrives wanting the same thing and gets shrunk too. I had to make or obtain many mini-mes to pull this off.

The Doctor and the Dalek!

The real Han and ChewieThe real Luke and C2P0

The Next scene takes us to King Tut’s Tomb. Of course Marty dresses as Indiana Jones while the Doctor dons his Fez hat.

Much is done in Shadow Play.

Before intermission the last scene is Peter Pan.


Lost Boys

Peter Pan and Tinker Bell who is made big….Really Big!

Then Wendy walks the Plank and Hook fights Pan and is chased be the Crocodile through the audience.

Peter, Wendy John and Michael

Finally Toodles has the Gem in his marble bag.

The next installment is after intermission. Watch for Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves and The Wizard of Oz with the Tin man who is taken over by a Cyberman!

See you soon.




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